Beaver Tails and Maple Butter

“Res trip to go eat Beaver Tails on Wednesday!”

I had been in Canada only a few days and could not believe that Canadians ate actual beaver tails. I pictured in my head a beaver and the idea of eating it’s tail seemed vile. However I felt that I must try this strange Canadian cuisine in my quest to absorb as much Canadian culture as I could whilst living here.

After a few days of panic leading up to this outing to eat beaver tails, I was informed that a ‘Beaver Tail’ is in fact a popular pastry. Yes I felt like a fool.

‘Beaver Tail’s’ is a popular Canadian franchise that is famous for its fried dough pastry in the shape of a beaver tail. There is then a menu of various different toppings to have on your pastry. In the first week, Lily and I walked down with a group from my halls of residence to the Byward Market to eat at the original Beaver Tail stand! My first beaver tail was maple butter. Very delicious and very sickly. Would recommend this flavour if you’re sharing, I like sweet things but only a little so even though it was yummy, it was a bit much for me. For my second visit Lily and I shared a few. For our dinner we had Garlic Butter and Cheese. I had been seriously craving garlic bread and so it was very welcomed. The garlic butter on the warm dough is delicious but the cheese they use is just cold and grated. It could have been amazing if the cheese was melted on top but it wasn’t. Maybe if you don’t like sweet things at all then I recommend giving this a go so you can try a Beaver Tail. I normally prefer savoury over sweet every time but honestly I was pretty disappointed with this one. For dessert we tried Cinnamon, Sugar and Lemon after being told it was the classic and I understand why. My favourite pancake topping is ALWAYS sugar and lemon and this was like a warmer, crispier version with a Canadian cinnamon twist! Devoured my half easily and have been back again, this time demolishing one to myself.

Apparently when the canal here in Ottawa freezes in the Winter, they open lots of Beaver Tail stands all along for all of the Ice Skaters. Am very jealous that I’m missing this as it sounds like so much fun!

If you’re in Canada you MUST try a Beaver Tail; even President Obama tried one when he last came to Ottawa! They have stands all over the country so there is no excuses! You’ll thank me later.


7 responses to “Beaver Tails and Maple Butter

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  2. I’m Canadian and only had one once when my moms friend bought me one. Too expensive otherwise.

      • Well to be honest it was yrs ago and I didn’t buy it but when the Beaver Tails truck came to my town last summer my mom was too scared to go bc she thought it would be expensive. It was pretty good. My friend didn’t like it so I got to have the whole thing! It was at a fair I was like 10.

      • Damn that ain’t bad! I am in NS I find stuff overpriced here but I’m sure closer to the border prices are better to keep people from traveling to the US to travel.

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