National Gallery of Canada

Many of the museums and galleries in Ottawa are free on a Thursday afternoon/evening – not sure if this is a Canadian thing or just for Ottawa. Usually I am in lectures 2.30-7pm on a Thursday which is normally when this free period is. However this Thursday my lecturer was away so the Teaching Assistant ended the class at 5. I took full opportunity of this and a group of us headed down to the National Gallery of Canada.

The Gallery is impressive in itself. A giant, metal spider is outside which is pretty cool! The gallery is all glass apart from at the end where they are covering up redevelopment of the great hall with the image of an iceberg. It looks so dominant on the landscape and I am sure this is even more effective once Winter is in full effect and everywhere is blanketed in snow and ice. I haven’t seen what the gallery looks like without this Iceberg but I’m sure this is more striking and memorable than what is underneath!

Today a new exhibition opened on Artists, Architects and Artisans: Canadian Art 1890-1918 so it was pretty busy. There were many people all dressed up from talks on the exhibition so I felt pretty out of place stomping about in my winter boots when the majority were in suits or kitten heels. I am by no means an expert in art. I enjoy looking at it and can always appreciate the skill behind it but do not really know anything behind it. I didn’t really like the majority of the exhibition. However I really liked the architecture side of it, I find their technical drawings incredible and just so skilled. I loved some of the contemporary pieces in the rest of the gallery, mostly because they were completely bonkers. We didn’t have much more time to see much else, but I tried to have a quick look around the Canadian art section. Like I said I can appreciate the skill but I just didn’t really like the style. Am hoping to have a longer look round before I go so will hopefully have a better report then!

When I saw the gallery in the day I had forgotten my camera and you couldn’t appreciate it all when I visited in the dark so this image is credited to here


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