Go Sens Go

After really enjoying the University Ice Hockey game, Lily, Harry and I bought tickets to go see Ottawa Senators vs Philadelphia Flyers at the Canadian Tire Centre. I found the stadium really impressive and even though our seats were on the highest level, I still didn’t feel too far from the action. As I am impressed at very trivial things, I found having a Pint in a plastic cup with a lid and a straw revolutionary. They really need to introduce this in my student union back home because it would avoid so many unnecessary drink spillages on the dance floor! We arrived just in time for the referee’s and the teams to come skating out and the atmosphere was electric. The Senator line up was shown on the big screen to roars from the crowd and they then lined up ready for the American and then the Canadian national anthems. The anthems were as moving as ever and I particularly liked how an enormous Canadian flag emerged from the crowd and was carried across.

I was so excited for the game and but frankly was a bit disappointed. I think we were just unlucky with the match that we saw, rather than games usually being dull. I loved it when cheerleaders popped up yet they were actually a little underwhelming too. I think perhaps if there had been more of them, that were all in sync then it would have looked effective but instead they just seemed to jump up randomly here and there. I know it’s bad but I was looking forward to the fights that are notorious in Ice Hockey. There were a few scuffles in the University game but I had heard that they actually promoted aggression in league games. Apparently there are even members of the team specifically to antagonise the other side! Yet there were no fights. Not even a scuffle. There were plenty of opportunities where they bumped into one another, which in the previous game that I saw, often started conflict, but no. The mood became increasingly sombre as the Sens lost more and more. Quite honestly I zoned out a few times; to the extent that at one point I forgot the goals had swapped ends, resulting in me enthusiastically starting clapping when Philadelphia scored, to scorn looks from those around me. The Sens lost 5-0.

I know the ‘kiss-cam’ is pretty cheesy but it was cool to see after seeing them on films and on tv at sports matches. It was especially cute when they zoomed in on a lovely old couple who had a little smooch.

I found the Senator’s marketing campaign a little frustrating. Their team name is Senators, their logo is a Roman legionnaire, their mascot is a Lion, and this Lion is called Sparty. I realise there is a slight link in that they all can be linked to ancient history but there was a lack of continuity making is less impressive.

Believe it or not I had a great evening. It was still such a good experience and the sheer volume of people created a great atmosphere in itself. I would definitely recommend anyone going to see a match. I had a brilliant time even though it was evidently not the greatest game so it can only get better!


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