Winter is Coming

The days are crisper, the jumpers are thicker and the nights are longer. Winter is most certainly coming.

5 Reasons to know that Winter is Coming

1. as soon as Halloween was over, the Christmas cups came out in coffee shops all over. Starbucks ‘Red Cups’ are probably most famous but my favourite are those you find in Second Cup. The festive feeling is continued with what they put in the cups. Autumn’s Pumpkin Spice is replaced with Eggnog, Gingerbread or Candy-cane which in my opinion are far yummier.

2. I feel the cold, a lot, but I think the fact that I have to wear thermals even when I’m sat in my room under all of my layers that I usually wear, is a clear sign that its getting jolly cold. My accommodation is very annoying in that we pay a LOT of money and can’t even control the temperature of our radiator.

3. It has snowed! and it was beautiful. It gracefully fell through the afternoon, quickly blanketing the city in white. All the exchange students got very excited, and my social media streams were full of snaps of our new environment. In contrast, the Canadians wanted to shut their curtains and pretend it was not happening as they, unlike us naïve newcomers, know what horrors Winter will bring!

4. Christmas Decorations are popping up. The Rideau Mall has been decorated beautifully; I often find the decorations at home pretty tacky whereas these were lovely. I’m so upset that I’m not home early enough to decorate the Christmas tree, it’ll be the first time in years!

5. Quite alarmingly I have received an email from the university inviting me to lectures that will help me prepare for Winter. I think that makes it official! The Winters here are apparently so severe that they feel we need to be taught how to dress ourselves to save us from frostbite. Luckily I avoid the worst by leaving in December!


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