Rainy Days and Yorkshire Puddings

I found myself in Ottawa with a few hours to spare, so didn’t let the drizzly weather deter me from having a little walk to appreciate this beautiful city that I live in. I wandered all around from the Supreme Court, through to Parliament, taking in all the lovely buildings in between (I’m not sure what their purpose is). I admired the Fairmont Chateau Laurier; I am still amazed that it is just a hotel, its grand appearance suggests that it has had a rich history but instead it was opened just over 100 years ago.  From there I walked through Major’s Hill Park where you get an optimum view of the canal and Parliament Hill. The architecture of the area is sublime and it is certainly worth having a walk around, but perhaps on a clearer day!

After I had wasted sufficient time it was time to visit the National Gallery once more, and this time I had a far more productive trip. Lovely Lauren, who helpfully works at the gallery, gave me a personal guided tour! Although my visit was again brief, Lauren made sure I saw of all of the key pieces. I saw pieces by Leger that I remember studying in high school art lessons. Quite frankly the piece by Picasso was rubbish and I did better when I was 5.  I saw some Monet and a very peculiar Klimt of a naked pregnant woman, with death looming in the background. The Group of Seven who are a group of notable Canadian artists, famous for their landscapes, did not blow me away greatly. My favourite piece was by Pollock,  I think his work is so funky. I really liked how this piece he had made on glass; according to Lauren this is the only one he has done like this! We had a look around the current exhibition that had just opened on my last trip to the Gallery. Lauren drew my attention to some of the design submissions for the Canadian Parliament, including one of a neo-classical style. It is strange to think how different the landscape of Ottawa would have been if this had been the successful proposal, rather than the Gothic Revival design that now stands.

We rushed round the gallery as our stomachs were beginning to growl. I had been craving a proper Sunday Roast since I arrived and Lauren, with a little googling found a place that even did Yorkshire Puddings. What is a more perfect end to a rainy Sunday, than a Roast dinner? We headed to the Lieutenants Pump and demolished the food in no time, it certainly went down a treat. There is no one who can make Roast Potatoes like Mum so I didn’t have high expectations, but considering that my kitchen here doesn’t even have an oven, they were greatly appreciated nonetheless. The squash had something in it, making it taste peculiar, however the beef was cooked to perfection and the Yorkshire Pudding was ginormous. I had fancied some stuffing but the meal was so delicious that I did not notice. I love to try as much local cuisine as I can when I’m abroad but when you have been here for as long as I have, sometimes Poutine just won’t do and you have to succumb to a few home comforts.


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