Unicorns and Politics

Ashamedly I have never visited the British parliament yet a trip to the Canadian parliament had been on my to do list since I arrived here. It had been snowing all the day yet Lauren and I still ventured out. The fresh layer of snow gave a beautiful new perspective of Parliament Hill.

By the entrance to the Peace Tower I was taken aback my a statue of a unicorn. It was ever so bizarre and looked in so much distress. I guess it fits in with the Gothic design that Parliament has been designed in, but I still do not really understand why you would want a carving of an animal, apparently in some sort of pain. We just missed the last tour so had to wait for an hour till the next slot. In this time we visited the Peace Tower and the Memorial Chamber. The lift to the top was great as the glass panel allowed you to see all of the bells as you made the climb. The ceiling inside the viewing room is ever so jazzy. I wouldn’t even know how to describe it, so have a look at the picture, its the gold, glitzy one! From the tower you can see all over Ottawa, I especially liked the view it gave over Parliament’s Library. The Memorial Chamber was dedicated to remembering all of the Canadian soldiers who have died. There is a book in the middle of the room with all of their names and the page is turned every day so their names are always seen which I think is a lovely touch. I am not a fan of guided tours but it was the only option if we wanted to look around the rest of the building. Parliament was beautiful, I just wish I could have wandered around at my own leisure. The tour guide was quite annoying and didn’t exactly offer any insightful knowledge, she didn’t even know the answer to the one question that Lauren and I wanted to know. If anyone knows why there is a carving of King George I above the door to the House of Commons then please let me know. I did however feel a bit sorry for the guide at times. When she explained the entrance criteria to become a Senator, some guy basically began to accuse her of the flaws in the Democracy of the Canadian Parliament. I’m not entirely sure what he was trying to achieve here, considering the Canadian constitution has absolutely nothing to do with this poor girl. The Library was incredible, and by far the most impressive part. The Library is the only part that is from the original Parliament; the rest burnt down. In a circular shape, the books line the walls for multiple levels and there is a statue of a young Queen Victoria in the centre. As it was getting pretty dark outside so all the lights were on, making the room look so warm and inviting.

My visit didn’t blow me away to be honest but I am definitely glad I went. It was more my dislike for tours that put me off rather than the building not being worth a visit. Considering it is all free too, I would certainly recommend it.


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