Nothing Beats a BJ

BJ meaning Bungee Jump.

I had always wanted to give Bungeeing a go but never really considered having the opportunity in Canada. When I saw a trip to the Great Canadian Bungee at a great price I was very tempted. I quickly messaged Lily asking her if she was up for it. Quite honestly, I liked to think I was the adventurous kind who relished throwing themselves off high platforms but I was not. I messaged Lily, knowing full well she was afraid of heights, convinced she would say no. She said yes. We booked it up, with me continuing to fool myself that I was courageous.

Approaching the old quarry site I felt awfully sick. Looking over to the highest bungee in North America I cursed myself for being so stupid in persuading myself that I was the live life on the edge type. However I was still determined to do it; I had paid for it and there is nothing I hate more than wasting money. Luckily I was in the first group to go up, I knew that if I had to wait watching everyone else jump I would talk myself out of it.

The bungee was from a crane type structure hanging over the quarry. The group would wait close to land and one by one, everyone would quite literally walk the plank. It took every inch of me to not look down and I wish I had tried even harder for when I had a quick glimpse down to the lagoon my heart jumped into my throat. When the instructor came to walk me out I could barely breath and whoever said deep breathing calms you down was a complete liar. The guys at the top could see I was nervous and tried to make jokes but they were lost on me. You could see it in their face they were worried that I would be a bailer, that they would have to pull out their,I’m sure very practised, speech to coax me into jumping. They talked me through what would happen as they hooked me up to the rope and said they would give me a countdown. I knew I had to jump as soon as they said go otherwise I would never do it. I kept my eyes closed and shuffled forward until my toes were over the edge like they said. They all start shouting the countdown in unison, it actually scared me a little into jumping. With my eyes still closed I leapt. I soon opened them, knowing that there was no going back, and words cannot describe how I felt. It took a few seconds to comprehend what was happening but as soon as it sunk in I was terrified. The bounce back up was so surreal – complete weightlessness. I was surprised how many times you bounce back up and down but it means you get to experience this strange feeling multiple times.

Bungee Jumping is very strange. Some say they prefer skydiving but I feel that they provide quite different experiences so you can’t really compare. With Bungee Jumping the fear is more real as from the outset you see the ground rapidly getting closer. There is no time to think about what is happening and I was still in shock at what happened an hour after jumping. The feeling the bounce back up provides is truly unique and it was this that made the jump worth it for me. Even after jumping the thought of doing it again still terrifies me. Writing this post and going back through the emotions that I felt is making me feel ill. However I would still definitely recommend it – the exhilaration is something everyone should experience.


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