Finals and Farewells

This has been a week of F; festive feelings, finals, flying and farewells.

Monday night saw lovely Lily jetting off back home. We went to Zak’s Diner for our final meal together on Sunday evening. I tried chilli dogs. I wanted to try them in New York but I didn’t get the chance. If I liked Frankfurter sausages more then I probably would have loved it, it was also very messy to eat. I was über jealous of Lily, one because she was going home early, but mainly because she was surprising everyone back home which I would have loved to have done. Unfortunately my exam timetable did not work out so well!


Wednesday marked the end of my final exams and I must say I have never been so relieved for a term to be over. I have never worked so hard, and for so long in my life. My brain is completely frazzled (ooh another F!), day after day of solid revision turned me into a walking zombie. Never again will I moan about work back in Reading, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that in a month here I did more work than an entire term at home. I turn into a five year old when it comes to Christmas so I have tried to avoid all the hype as much as possible, otherwise I would never have got any revision done! As soon as my finals were over, there was a lot of excitement that I had to catch up on! I turned the sultry tones of Michael Bublé’s (no other choice really, considering that he is Canadian!) Christmas album full blast as I got into the festive spirit and began the mammoth task of packing up my Canadian life. I have grown to love it here but I am very ready to go home. With the added treat of returning for Christmas, I am jolly excited to get back. In the evening I met up with Lauren to celebrate the end of exams/end of term/end of my study abroad over my final pints of Canadian.
By the time I was back to Residence it was less than 24 hours till my flight and so I could check in online. I had to answer a few questions for English immigration; What is the purpose of your flight? Yet going home was not an answer; Will you be bringing any antlers into the country? The latter question certainly made me laugh. The assumption that as I’ve been to Canada, I will arrive back home with a moose strapped to my back. I tried to have a relatively early night, and I was pretty tired so fell asleep easily. Unfortunately I woke up at 2am and  my brain went into overdrive and I became an excited little girl the night before her birthday.

I didn’t have too much to do this morning but giving up on sleep at 4am meant that I had quite a lot of time to spare. I painfully resisted having a nap in the hope that I will be able to sleep on the plane – fingers crossed! I showered and packed up my last few bits. Getting in the Christmas spirit I did my charitable deed and donated remaining food and all our pots and pans. After I was all sorted ,I met up with Lauren for my final Smokes. It was a solemn occasion; I have no idea when I will be reunited with my beloved Poutine but I know that we will make the relationship work. For our final adventure I chose my favourite – Pulled Pork. As per usual, it was sensational, especially as it has been a while since I had had some and I knew it would be my last for a while. I was very full but that did not deter me from having my final Beaver Tail also. I happily devoured its sugary, cinnamon goodness. It was horrible saying our farewells but I am looking forward to when Lauren comes to visit in England (Lauren if you’re reading this, this is not just a request but an expectation!).



I hope that very soon I’ll flick back to this entry, and laugh at how scared I was because I’m having such a great time!

I wrote that on the 1st of September in my diary whilst on the plane. The day’s entry is just full of me repeating how sad I am, how scary it all is, and pining for Adam. I am reading it back over, whilst sat in my packed up room, one-hundred and eleven days on. I have had a phenomenal four months here. I have had experiences, learnt skills and made friends that I will remember for the rest of my life. Studying abroad has been the single most scariest experience of my life but also one of the best, and frankly I am so proud of myself for doing it.

Canada, it has been a whirl, but I’ve got a flight to catch. I’ll see you in the morning England.


2 responses to “Finals and Farewells

  1. I have never actually taken the time to read these but this ones was beautiful Jesso and I’m so happy you made it work and had the best time! See you soon xx

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