Gluttony and Gloriana

My love affair with Shake Shack began in October during my trip to New York. I was very excited when I learnt that a shack had actually opened in London over the Summer, and could not wait to share it’s deliciousness with Adam. In the slight lull between Christmas and New Year, we headed into London so he could try their phenomenal shakes and cheesy fries.  I tried the Caramel shake this time and I can say that it is just as yummy as the others that I’ve tried. The fries were also as great as they are across the pond too which I was very pleased about. In fact, I think it was even better as they were super generous with the cheese sauce. I have heard good things about their burgers also but as I was still recovering from a gluttonous Christmas dinner I gave it a miss. I am sure that I will be making a visit to the Shack again sometime soon. Covent Garden is always busy so I think that whenever you go there will be a queue, but don’t be put off, it goes down surprisingly quickly.

Once I had lured Adam into London with the prospect of delectable treats, I dragged him along to an exhibition that I was eager to see since I had heard of it. Elizabeth I and her People at the National Portrait Gallery was on until the fifth of January so I didn’t have long after returning from Canada to go see it. This does also mean that if this is the first you have heard of it and fancy going, that you’re unfortunately too late –  I did take a few snaps of my favourite portraits however. The exhibition looked at the Queen, and the various members of the social strata – the nobility, the merchants and the poor. The portraits were accompanied by a few artefacts which were relevant to the paintings on display. These were great as they helped bring the pictures to life. The exhibition was brilliantly put together. As a huge Tudor fan, I obviously found it engaging but the fact that Adam appeared to find parts interesting I think says more. I would recommend going to have a look but as its already over you’ll have to make do with my snaps! A few of the portraits were from the permanent exhibitions at the NPG so if you haven’t been I would really recommend trying to catch them there. For free you can see some of the most iconic portraits from throughout history up till the modern times with contemporary celebrities, I am sure the majority of people would find it interesting – I would be surprised if there isn’t something for everyone in there!






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