Tips and Tricks: Studying at UOttawa

Tips for studying at the University of Ottawa; my advice for studies at UOttawa but also living in Ottawa. These tips were all applicable for when I studied in Ottawa during Autumn 2013 and I’m sure most will stay relevant, but I apologise if things have changed by the time you study abroad.

  • Giant Tiger Store (98 George St, Ottawa) – Sell cheap duvets. I was pretty annoyed, I emailed the accommodation team at UOttawa, asking whether any bedding would be provided and they said no, so I vacuum packed a duvet and brought it with me because I thought it would be pretty horrible, my first night in a new, foreign, city without a duvet to cuddle! But my room actually had a bottom sheet, bed sheet and pillow. So I’d definitely say buy one here! Giant Tiger Store also are great for cheap pots and pans, as well as some cheap bulk food.
  • Dollarama (183 Rideau St, Ottawa) – Perfect for buying single bowls and plates etc. A trip here and to Giant Tiger will see you sorted with all your cooking bits.
  • After a month or so into term the University runs a free shuttle bus on a Tuesday afternoon to Loblaws supermarket, to coincide with student discount day where they offer 10% discount! Metro a little bit further down the road now offer the discount too but Loblaws is a much bigger supermarket so I’d recommend going there.
  • Join the university facebook groups to keep up to date with events. The International Office page kept me up to date with trips such as to the wildlife park and New York and the Skiing society page told me when sign ups would be. The university are great at putting on events and give great deals so keep an eye out.
  • Look the end of the Winter season for coats. Also be sensible when you look. I looked for ski jackets, thinking I’ve always been warm whilst wearing one but I forgot that I’ve always worn one whilst exercising. Quite honestly, I bought a glorified rain jacket, a waterproof with excessive pockets and a snow skirt. I chose to buy a ski jacket because I thought I would get more use out of it, plus it was cheaper. These are both true but to compensate I had to wear an obscene amount of layers to stay

This is all I can think of at the moment, but please leave a comment if you have any questions. Good Luck!


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