Tips and Tricks: Studying Abroad

These are my tips for studying abroad.

  • Sort flights as soon as possible. I had been very scared about moving abroad and think I was in slight denial, booking the flights seemed far too real for me. My nervousness was understandable but foolish and I definitely think I could have saved more booking early. I guess this tip is more applicable if you are travelling further than Europe.
  • Homesick? I found having lots of plans helped me loads. Having trips planned, however elaborate, gives you something to look forward to but also they act as milestones. I remember making plans, looking forward to them for a few weeks then suddenly they’re done, and you think how quickly they came around!
  • Unleash your cheesy tourist and get snap happy. This will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life, you ought to document it as much as possible! I spend hours flicking through all of my photo’s, reminding myself of the amazing time that I have had. They are also great in making everyone back home super jealous!
  • Get a Travel Money card. I went into various banks in the UK asking if they had good rates for using their cards abroad and none of them were very good. I found the best option was to set up a Travel Money Card. I chose to go with the Post Office but I know that Thomas Cook also offer them and I am sure they’re not the only ones. I loaded an initial amount of money onto the card and gradually loaded more onto the card with the help of my parents who went into branch to sort it out. I should have been able to add money on online but for some reason I couldn’t. I didn’t load too much on to my card in case I lost it. I wasn’t charged for paying with my card but I was charged for withdrawing money. It worked out really well for me and I would recommend using one if you’re travelling anywhere, I’m certainly convinced.

I’ve no doubt forgotten loads so feel free to comment with any queries and I’ll try my hardest to help!


2 responses to “Tips and Tricks: Studying Abroad

  1. I like your idea for planning trips. I’ve been in South Africa for almost 2 weeks and having a bit of a time adjusting. But last night I got a tip for a backpackers about 4 hours from here and think I might plan a trip for the end of the month. It’ll give me something to look forward to and a break from the confusion of school.

    • Definitely! I love planning trips because I get so excited and it really is something to work towards. Plus for me its great because it means I can look into the cheapest way to do everything I want to.
      Have fun in all your travels!

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