Miraculously avoiding the floods, Adam and I made it to Henley-on-Thames last weekend for Valentines Day. We rented a self-catered apartment for the weekend which was fantastic. I guess if anything it was a little far from the centre of town but the reception we received certainly made up for it. We arrived a tad disgruntled, after getting lost in the rain and having our stomachs complain as it was long past dinner time. Our host had left our fridge full of goodies, including a bottle of wine, all complementary, which certainly raised our moods. I had begun to cook at home so it wouldn’t take long, so I finished off dinner whilst Adam unpacked. I have never made a pie before therefore I was very pleasantly surprised at how scrumptuous it was. It was Steak and Ale Pie that I made, followed by Apple Caramel Crumble which was also devilishly delicious.


Henley-on-Thames is a delightful town with streets full of quaint houses dotted with boutiques and traditional pubs. One poor pub right on the river had suffered from the recent flooding with all of their patio tables bobbing about in their underwater beer garden. I will definitely be making another visit here in the Summer because on a sunny day, it really would be a gorgeous spot. We would have eaten there but unfortunately their kitchen was flooded so we headed further from the river and had a Sunday lunch at the Three Tuns which was delicious. However I think if we did not take advantage of the food provided at the apartment for breakfast, we probably would have still been hungry after, considering how greedy we can be!



The weekend was a great escape, full of food and doing nothing, which was thoroughly relaxing. The apartment was so well equipped we could easily have stayed for weeks, and considering it was in such a lovely town, I understand why more and more people are option for ‘stay-cations’ over the summer!


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