Top 5 Study Abroad Moments

Studying Abroad was chock-a-block with the most unforgettable experiences. After thinking long and hard, here are my top five moments.

Seeing a Blue Whale

Many people who have visited London have paid a trip to the Natural History Museum. I have been there numerous times and have always been astounded by their model of the Blue Whale, the largest mammal on Earth. I feel privileged to say that I am one of the lucky few who has actually seen one. Even though it only bobbed up to the surface, you could see its shadow and being so close to something living of that size was scarily exhilarating.


New York Sunset

Heading up to the top of the Rockefeller Building just before the sun was going to set by far the highlight of my little jaunt to the Big Apple. The skyline is so iconic that I’m sure it is incredible at any time. To have such an impressive man made sight with the backdrop of such a beautiful natural landscape was truly breath-taking. Being at the top at this time also meant I got to see the whole city illuminate into the city that never sleeps.



Nothing is more exhilarating than falling through the clouds. No words can describe how jumping out on top of the world feels like but I can certainly tell you that it’s jolly good fun.



I love skiing. Any opportunity I get I try to take it and so I made sure I went in Canada as much as I could. I found it very different to skiing in Europe, the snow was far icier which was certainly a challenge. I just appreciate the elegance of skiing. Well when it is done expertly.. I on the other hand look far from elegant on the slopes. However as you’re gliding along it is very easy to pretend that you’re the epitome of grace, whizzing down the mountain side.. until you crash into a tree of course. I am not a fan of sports but skiing on the other hand is a whole new ball game, and they throw in jaw-dropping scenery too!


Niagara Falls

A natural wonder of the world. Seeing things such as this (once you’ve blotted out the touristy havens that cling to the cliff side from your eye-line) really can put your life into perspective. I went with my head full of excess stress over mid terms and assignments and the gigantic falls just seemed to wash it all away.



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