Adventure Planning

I have always known that I want to take a gap year. When I was little I actually thought it was obligatory (imagine that!). I had planned to go before I started at university but I just got caught up in the exciting whirlwind leading up to it, that I couldn’t say no. Time has flown and I graduate next year which is unbelievable. Next year I will be thrown into the big bad world and I am not ready. I therefore want to plan the greatest escape from the 9-5 routine that I can. Unfortunately, even after years of saving, and even after putting these savings into a three year ISA so I can’t blow it all on Snakebites, my budget is limited. However much I would like a gap year, realistically I’m looking at a gap few months. I’m currently trying to look into everything I want to do so I know how much to save.

Who to book with?

There are numerous gap year companies around, all offering insanely exciting adventures, all over the world. I’ve looked around and most companies seem to offer similar packages that are quite frankly out of my price range. It is such a shame because the opportunities that they provide look unforgettable. Currently I am focussing on STA Travel who offer some great deals on flights with student discount. Flicking through their brochures they have some very inspiring itineraries that are helping me plan where Adam and I are going to go. They also advertise some good deals on car rentals and hostels so I will be sure to set up an appointment with them nearer the time to see how they can help me out. I really like the sound of some of the trips on the Real Gap and perhaps I will look into them more if I manage to exceed my saving goals! Something else I am considering is working at a Summer Camp in America – I find the fact that they pay you very attractive. I think if I was to go along this route I would go with Camp America or Americamp.

Where to go?

I would go anywhere but my budget and practicality limit me. Currently my plan is hire a campervan to tour the East coast of Australia. Perhaps hire another campervan to see what New Zealand has to offer. After this we will pop over to Fiji and here I am considering some of the bus tours offered by STA. This would be for two or three months either leading up to Christmas or just after. If I had the money I would then do a volunteering experience in Africa for a few weeks. However I do think it is unlikely I will raise the funds. I would be back in time ready to start at the Summer Camp around June for a few months and then after, probably another road trip! My plans are ambitious financially but I am hopeful. I’d love to travel to South America, even around Europe, but I can’t see the whole world, they will have to wait for another day!

Images thanks to STA Travel


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