Up at the O2

Did you know.. that the Millennium Dome, sorry, the O2, has a circumference of 365m, a height of 52ft, and has.. 12 yellow spikey things. I had no idea but found this pretty cool. I found this all out from my guide at Up at the O2.


It is a bit pricey, but for £34 you can get harnessed up, and climb over the unusual and iconic London landmark.


Mum and Dad booked it for Mum’s birthday ages ago and I planned to just sit at the bottom, yet when I arrived there, in glorious sunshine, I was pretty tempted. I went and asked if there was any spots left at their time, and luckily there was.


I was very unprepared for the climb, arriving in flip flops and a maxi skirt. Mum was eagerly anticipating me having to construct some sort of nappy like ensemble out of my skirt to allow me to wear the harness, thankfully the lovely guide offered me a jumpsuit that I could just tie around my waist. Mum was very disappointed.


I was very surprised at how tough the start of the walk was, but the incline soon decreased and we went up at a leisurely pace to the viewing platform. Once there you detatch yourself from the safety system and are free to enjoy the 360 views. Although the view is no comparison to that from the Shard, you do feel more satisfied, as if you have earned it after your little climb. What is nice about it is that as you are walking over, the view changes, with the Shard, or the London Eye poking out from behind the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf at different points over the Dome.



We were very lucky in choosing fab weather, but I can imagine that it is rather unpleasant going over in the rain. It is pricey but I think it would be a brilliant present, if you’re ever stuck whilst writing your Christmas list! We ended the day by going on the Emirates Sky Line which I didn’t think was worth the money really. If the journey went somewhere useful, or if the price was included in your Oyster maximum daily spend/travelcard, then it would be more justified. I’m not in a rush to do it again.



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