Fanfare please.. Last night was mine and Adam’s second year anniversary. As I was at Niagara Falls (of all places hey) last year, I was looking forward to spending this one with him. I had seen RYND advertised over Summer as they leaked pictures of their renovations ready for their Autumn opening, and it certainly worked, I wanted to go as soon as possible.

I wasn’t 100% where the bar was, but as I hopped off the bus, the bright lights illuminating their name quickly pointed me in the right direction.

Adam met me after work, and as we walked in to hear Fresh Prince of Bel Air over their sound system, I knew we were on to a winner. The décor is fab, with rustic brick walls, neon signs and groovy lights. Everything looked great, it was just seriously lacking in something, people. We went on a Monday night so I’m sure it picks up later in the week, but it is definitely a venue that needs to be filled out. I was hoping that as it hasn’t been open long that there would be more atmosphere but unfortunately there wasn’t. I definitely want to give it another go at more of a peak time.

We started with the RYND Platter. Which was all delicious, apart from the corn ball things which were plain weird, and Adam thought the Nacho’s were a bit bland.

ryndreading pictures

I followed with the RYND Burger which was fabulous, yet considering their menu focuses on BBQ type food, I thought it might be a bit more memorable. They put the perfect amount of Monterey Jack cheese  in though, which always gets a thumbs up from me.

Adam got the Pulled Pork Burger which he enjoyed but said was a bit bland. I tried it and wasn’t a fan, I like pulled pork to be sweet and tangy whereas this lacked flavour and was a bit dry.

Both came with crinkle cut fries but you can opt for sweet-potato if you fancy. These were delicious but by this point I was so close to falling into a gluttonous coma that I couldn’t finish them.

Now onto the drinks. RYND’s cocktail menu is vast, I was seriously spoilt for choice. Yet after trying a few they all were pretty much rum based and all blurred into one after a while. Perhaps a smaller menu of more distinctive drinks would have been better. They excelled on naming them however, slipping in perfect puns that did keep me entertained. Son of a Beach and Bump & RYND being firm favourites of mine.

ryndreading pictures

The food was very reasonable but the drinks not so much, with the cheapest cocktail at £7.50. They tasted great but they soon add up when you are on a student budget.

To sum up, the food was good but not so good that I am rushing to return to eat there. The drinks were delicious but go during one of their many happy hours (or happy day which is the case for Sunday) and take advantage of 241. And finally go closer to the weekend when I’m sure there are a few more people in.

Click here to visit there website. That is also where the photo’s are from as I tried taking a few but my iPhone was not cooperating.


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