Walluc Bistrot

Just a stones throw away from Shoreditch tube station is Walluc Bistrot. Walk almost straight ahead down Chance Street and on the left on the corner unassumingly sits Walluc, a tiny bohemian Fondue restaurant that is hands down the most adorable place that I have ever eaten.

When Adam and I first arrived we walked straight past it. It looks pretty shabby on the outside and looked so dark in, that we presumed it was closed, even though we had booked. Adam sheepishly opened the door as I hid behind him where we were graciously welcomed by our host who invited us to sit wherever we liked. We opted for two big and battered leather chairs which we sunk into immediately.

I won’t lie, we were a little worried at first, we arrived about half past seven and we were the only ones in there. And with it being such a tiny little place I felt awfully self-conscious. However within about half an hour the place filled out and we could finally relax and enjoy our surroundings.

Walluc is cosy. Jammed full of a mis-match of chairs and cluttered with random vintage objects it feels like you have been invited into someone’s home. With only wall lamps and candles to light the place, it takes you a while to adjust to seeing properly, but this was only a problem when it came to reading the menu. The menu was simple and to the point which was refreshing. The choice of wine was red or white; I overheard the waitress explaining that they buy different bottles each day so she never really remembers the specifics. For starters there was charcuterie or a cheese board. We went for the meat considering we were going to overload on the cheese for our main. Frankly this was a bit disappointing for the price, on my next visit I think I will just focus on the main. For the main, there was one option only, cheese fondue. Now this is the reason we sought this place out, but if you aren’t a big fromage fiend like myself, then this certainly isn’t the place for you. The fondue is £14 per person and is for a minimum of two people. It is served with salad, new potatoes and a hefty basket of rustic bread. Divine is the only suitable word to describe it. There is a chocolate fondue on offer for pudding but anyone who knows me knows that cheese will would win my heart over chocolate any day.

Drinking red wine, eating copious amounts of molten cheese and carbs, listening to French music whilst snuggled into a squishy chair; I was in heaven.

I am yearning to return here. I adore all fondue but the atmosphere at Walluc made it perfect. Online there are a few pretty bad reviews, but from my experience it was wonderful. I’m not sure I would want to see the place in the daylight, I presume that our host’s nonchalance would also extend to his cleaning regime. However for a cold Winter’s evening, I could not recommend this place more.


Book a table by texting 07864 219140. Also take cash as they don’t take card. They can point you in the right direction for the closet cash machine if you do forget.


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