Game of Thrones: The Exhibition

When I asked my Uncle whether I could stay at his in London for the night so that I could go to an exhibition early in the morning, they assumed it was dedication to something wonderfully intellectual. They laughed upon realising it was in fact dedication/obsession with the phenomenon that is Game of Thrones.

For a few years now HBO have organised a touring exhibition to promote the series. I had always been thoroughly disappointed that England was never selected as a location for the exhibition to visit, until this year. Sky subscribers could apply for two tickets each for free and I got some just in time.


Even though our time slot was for 9 am on a Sunday morning, I practically skipped in to the o2. As we were in the first slot of the day we barely had to queue.

Although the exhibition was only small, you got to see some of your favourite costumes and props from the franchise. It was a bit like the Harry Potter Studio Tour  but on a much smaller scale.

IMG_2357 IMG_2358 IMG_2360 IMG_2362

Margaery’s waist was absolutely teeny!



THE crossbow that killed Tywin!



The detailing on the costumes was absolutely superb.


Of course my favourite part was where you could dress up! I would make a fabulous Stark.


As well as the outfits and objects on show, there was a range of interactive activities to try. The first few were green screen photo’s. We skipped the one where you could be breathed on by fire but had a go at being turned into ‘White Walkers’. My coat kind of ruined my photos but I had a green top on and the photographer worried it would wipe my body out with the screen! (although a floating head would have looked quite amusing!)


The other activity was climbing the wall which was honestly phenomenal. You enter the replica lift and an attendant puts the 4d glasses over your head. Immediately you are transported to the courtyard of Castle Black. The simulation begins and you begin to rise up in the lift, with the whole thing shaking and you getting the occasional spray of snow. As you reach the dizzying heights of the wall, the attended taps you on the shoulder to indicate that you should turn around. You are then propelled to the edge of the wall which makes you feel quite nauseous. After getting to grips with your surroundings you suddenly fall and plummet to the ground. The attendant had said before I started to hold on to the rails if I felt a bit wobbly and I laughed it off, but after experiencing it I can understand why. There was obviously a lot of room for improvement as I suppose it isn’t a completely mainstream technology yet, but if you get the chance to a similar sort of 4d experience then I really recommend it!

The exhibition is only really for die hard fans who can appreciate what they are seeing.  I was very surprised at quite how quick we got around, I think this was due to our early morning, but I think if I had either paid for my ticket or travelled a long way to visit, I am not sure I would have been as satisfied. But for me I still thought it was fantastic, and Sky have done a fantastic job of getting me very excited for the upcoming series.


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