It’s that time of year again; exams are imminent and I find that my favourite form of procrastination is to endlessly search for a Summer holiday, as I am sat at my desk pining for the gorgeous sunshine outside my window. Last Summer Adam and I headed to the island of Malta, and it was only recently that I realised that I only published one of my posts!

Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Existing from the mid sixteenth-century, Valletta was built by the Order of St John to consolidate their position on the island. The architecture is mainly baroque in nature and like with Mdina, we just spent our time walking the streets instead of actually going in anywhere – My holidays are normally so extensively planned, with endless sticky notes on maps, that this time I wanted to give spontaneity a go!


The city is surrounded by some very impressive walls that have the most gorgeous sets of gardens along the way. The Lower Barrakka Gardens seriously reminded me of Game of Thrones – y’know the gardens in Kings Landing where the Queen of Thorns gives Sansa lemon cakes? Especially as Mdina was frequently used for filming, I thought it would be plausible. But I googled and couldn’t find it out.

SAM_4622 SAM_4629

The Upper Barakka Gardens are also like a little tropical paradise. Full of fountains and leafy trees, they are the perfect place to get some shade from the scorching Mediterranean sun.

SAM_4635 SAM_4637 SAM_4644 SAM_4650

For a capital city, it is pretty teeny, but then again as is the island so I don’t know why I was surprised. It only took us a few hours to walk around, but there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to stall in if you have more time to spare. I found the city was most beautiful in the late afternoon – it had a bit of a glow and felt a bit snoozy which completely reflected the laid back atmosphere across the island.

SAM_4750 SAM_4752



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