Dip and Flip

Whilst procrastinating on twitter, I stumbled upon Dip and Flip. At the time they had just opened their second branch in Wimbledon. I had been meaning to have a catch up with a friend who goes to university there so I had the perfect occasion to try it out.


Dip and Flip’s speciality is French Dip – A roast meat sandwich served with gravy. They also serve their own take on poutine as a side which always gets my attention!

IMG_3389 IMG_3390 IMG_3388

We both opted for a Roast Beef and horseradish sandwich. They stuffed (and I mean stuffed, there was SO much meat) a soft roll with expertly carved, medium-rare beef, the freshest horseradish, and poured their rich gravy over the top. Just in case you haven’t got enough, they give you a dish of more gravy to dip into!


Now I was very underwhelmed when the poutine arrived. I could barely see any gravy, nor cheese, but I was very wrong. Once we peeled back the first layer of chips, we uncovered the gooey, molten mess that I know and love. Admittedly it wasn’t quite like Canadian poutine as they used mozzarella instead of cheese curds, however they used such delicious, peppery gravy that is almost as good as the real deal. We absolutely devoured our meal, and regretted our restraint in ordering only the one portion of chips to share – Don’t get me wrong, we were very full, but it was just too delicious to not want more! Please note it is insanely messy, so messy that they leave a kitchen roll on the table. From this you can tell how down to earth the place is, which I loved – Dip and Flip is purely focused on fantastic food. We also had to try out their milkshakes as we obviously needed something to wash all our food down.



Although the service was friendly, it wasn’t great, but this may have been down to us visiting not long after the restaurant had opened and the staff were consequently still getting to grips with things. However the food was so magical that I barely noticed. This blog is pretty late as we visited quite a while ago but I still think about how delicious this was and am constantly recommending it. Their first branch is in Battersea which I am sure is just as fantastic. If you aren’t a vegetarian then go. Its the messiest most scrumptious meal I have ever had.


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