Bucket List

live abroad

learn French

visit every Continent

learn to Ski well

Bungee Jump




Venice Carnival

Brazil Carnival

Glastonbury Festival

Day of the Dead Festival

Travel to Space (ambitious but you never know how easy it will be in 20 years time..)

Scuba Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Go to the Olympic Games (London 2012)


go to a Masquerade Ball


Do well in my degree (BA History: First Class 2012-2015)


Do enough Yoga that I remember it myself

See the Northern Lights

Run a half marathon for Autism (a whole marathon is too unrealistic)

Last minute Holiday



Go camping – embarrassingly I’veΒ only ventured as far as my garden

Stay in an Ice Hotel

Visit Dublin for St Patrick’s Day

African Safari

See the Aztec ruins in South America

Become a beach bum in Australia

Visit Hobbiton

Celebrate Chinese New Year in China

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Grand Canyon

Pyramids of Giza



See an active Volcano

Take a ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Paris Catacombs



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